1 oz Car Freshener Rescent Spray


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1 oz fragrance spray for cowhide car fresheners.  Mix and match your favorite cowhide freshener and your favorite scent.  Spray 2-3 mists on the cowhide side of the freshener and refresh when needed.


+ Iced Coconut Colada: Lemon, sweet coconut, orange zest, and tropical passionfruit.

+ Birthday Cake: Fresh from the bakery vanilla cake with buttercream frosting.

+ Pink Sugar: Sweet and soft sugar that smells good enough to eat.

+ Baja Cactus Blossom: Cactus flower, white flower, green cactus stem, and sun kissed coconut.

+ Leather:  Rich leather, just like a new pair of leather boots.

+ Boozy Bites: Melted butter, mimosa, coconut, Kentucky bourbon, marshmallows, sugar, vanilla, amber, and musk.  

+ Watermelon Lemonade: Watermelon, lemonade, sugar, peach, & tangerine.

+ Leather & Lace: Masculine leather with a feminine touch.

+ Tipsy Pig: A mix of strawberries, raspberries, sweet cream and agave.

+ Beth: A floraly mix including gardenia and rose with a hint of cedar wood and amber.

+ Strawberry: The sweet scent of freshly picked sun ripened strawberries.

+ Naked Cowgirl: The blend of brand new leather boots mixed with Butt Naked which is tropical blend of coconut, strawberries, cherries, banana peel, berry nectar and tropical flowers.

+ Amarillo By Morning: The clean masculine scent of citrus, bergamot, sea salt and amber wood.

+ Butt Naked: A tropical blend of sun ripened strawberries, coconut, cherries, banana peel, berry nectar, and tropical flowers.

+ Country Clothesline:  The fresh clean scent of laundry hanging out on the clothes line.

+ Endless Weekend: The perfect blend of mandarin, coconut water, and orange with floral touches of magnolia, rose and iris, with hints of cedar wood, amber, and musk.

+ Strawberry Leather:  This unusual but fantastic scent blend mixes the scent of brand new leather boots with the sweet scent of sun ripened strawberries.  

+ Marshmallow Fireside:  This name says it all!  This oil smells like a perfectly browned campfire roasted marshmallow fresh off of its roasting stick.

+ Chicks Dig It:  This sweet fresh scent has hints of ripe cherries mixed with sugared lemons and limes.

+ Rip: This clean and warm masculine scent is a blend of sage, bergamot spice, leather, and wood.

+ Yellowstone:  This earthy masculine scent has a strong woody scent with hints of citrus and musk.

+ King George: The dreamy blend of leather, night ice, and vanilla.

+ Love Spell: This scent is always a favorite with the mix of juicy citrus, sweet fruit, and floral.

+ Lemon Chiffon: This mouth watering sugared lemon scent smells like a fresh lemon pie.

+ Tiki Beach:  This scent is a tropical vacation in a bottle with its tropical fruit blend mixed with coconut.  It will leave you dreaming of a warm sandy beach and a drink with an umbrella in your hand.

+ Endless Love: This popular fragrance is a mix of citrus, sage, apple, melon and Ylang Ylang with the undertones of mossy oak and musk.

+ Creme Brûlée:  This scent smells like rich and creamy French coffee blend.  It smells so good you will want to drink it.

+ Vanilla:  This classic scent smell like a sweet vanilla bean.  You can't go wrong.

+ Blonde Moment: This sweet scent smells like iced champagne with sound ripened raspberries and cranberries.

+ Flannel: This unisex scent has a masculine under tone.  It is the mixture of fresh citrus, green notes atop spicy rose, lavender, violet and jasmine with the base of woods, musk, berry, and sweet vanilla.

+ Georgia Peach:  The name says it all! It smells like a freshly picked Georgia Peach.  It smell so fresh and sweet you will want to take a bite.

+ Volcano: Sugared Citrus

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